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Department of Civil Engineering
Welcome! CHU Department of Civil Engineering


教育目標Educational Objects 

1. 培育多元專業知識

Study versatile professional knowledge

2. 著重獨立創新研究

Urge independent innovate research

3. 養成積極負責態度

Develop positive thinking and responsible attitude

4. 落實團隊協調整合

Acquire team work cooperation and coordination

5. 實踐永續和諧發展

Perform sustainable and harmonious development



核心能力Student core abilities

 1. 具備工程相關領域之多元專業應用之能力

Versatile professional engineering abilities

2. 策劃及執行前瞻性研究之能力

Advanced research abilities

3. 撰寫與發表專業論文之能力

Writing and presenting abilities for professional research papers

4. 創新思考及獨立解決問題之能力

Innovative thinking and independent problem solving abilities

5. 溝通、表達與協調、整合之能力

Communication, coordination, and cooperation abilities

6. 本土關懷與國際視野之能力

Local concern and international global vision

7. 領導、管理及規劃專案計畫之能力

Leadership, management, and planning of professional project

8. 終身自我學習成長之能力

Lifetime learning and self-improvement abilities


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