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Department of Civil Engineering
Welcome! CHU Department of Civil Engineering
Welcome Freshmen

Welcome Freshmen ! !

It is, once again, the time for a lot of people to face an important choice of life, that is which department should they attend? You must have a lot of questions on your mind:

Should I attend this department? What kind of career prospect can I have? etc. To be frank, nobody can give you a clear and definite answer. The only thing you can do is spending time to understand yourself and the department. With full understanding, then you have to make decision and move forward bravely!?

Civil engineering is and will always be an important part of human endeavor. Everything in human life needs civil engineering. A big part of the infrastructure that meets the basic demand for happy and comfortable lives is provided by civil engineering. Because civil engineering has such deep and broad involment of our daily lives, it is often known as "the engine that drives the national economic development". Because the planning, design, analysis and management that produce great project masterpiece requires the input of top quality engineers, therefore every link of a civil engineering project can promote the whole economy and reduce the rate of unemployment as a result. A successfully executed civil engineering project can also bring better quality of living and promote the citizen's happiness. So, civil engineering has a steady, balanced and lofty positiothe in any advanced countries. ?

Everybody's talent is unique and complementary to other's talent. That is why all trades of professions contribute in different ways. At this junction of your life, we are more than willing to provide you some basic understanding of civil engineerings to assist you make a decision. Because you have not really entered this professional field yet, we can only use some civil engineering examples around your life to give a brief introduction. In other words, the students of department of civil engineering can choose to move towards the following several kinds of fields and contribute one's own ability in the future:


  • Building Construction



  • Road, bridge and tunnel




  • Flood and Disater Prevention, Hydraulic Engineering




  • Rivers, Dams, and Water Resource Engineering



  • Airport, Harbor and Transportation Engineering



  • Environmental Protection and Environmental Engineering



  • Traffic Planning and Management for Highway, Railway, and Rapid Transit


From the brief introduction to civil engineering above, we can find out that perhaps civil engineering is unable to help you accumulate wealth fast. But as long as you work hard, you can always have a job that can make contribution to society. This is the ordinary yet great goals of teachers in our department. It is also the precise assurance that this department can give to you.

On behalf of this department, let me say it again - -Welcome, freshmen

Jason Wu
Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Informatics
Chung Hua University